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The Istec Academy offers e-learning courses about vibration and speed measurements.

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Each course contains animated videos to visualize the course content for a better understanding.


By completing e-learning courses you obtain digital certificates. Feel free to share these on LinkedIn and with your colleagues.

Courses, whitepapers, and bookS

Increase your knowledge about vibration and speed.

Istec Vibration Training Category 1+

As expert in the field of vibration measurements and analysis, we are soon launching our online vibration training. The contents of this course are based on the leading industry standard (ISO 18436-2 CAT1) for vibration measurements and analysis.

The course captures the essence of vibration in a series of videos, and allows participants to earn the Istec Category 1+ certificate.

Istec Speed courses (free!)


Learn about VR sensors for determining rotational speed on rotating machinery.


Learn all ins and outs of Hall effect sensors for determining rotational speed.


Learn all ins and outs of eddy current sensors for determining rotational speed.

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